System Features

Supervisor Tools

Enable the operator to get an overview of all components linked to the Solidity Systemô, see all ongoing activities, view the terminal status and add operational personnel to the system and control access levels.

Sound Effects & Commentary

As soon as the starting gates spring open and the racers takeoff, levels of excitement are boosted with realistic sound effects and a full race commentary. The volume levels of ambient effects, music and commentary can be individually controlled to suit its location in the venue.

Odds & Returns

The odds are created with an algorithm to define the character of each horse and jockey in every race. The algorithm makes it possible for the operator to control two important elements of the game, which is the payout level and maximum odds value.

High Resolution Graphics

Crystal clear real time 3D graphics in high definition 16:9 widescreen format bring players a taste of what the next generation of gaming is all about.

In-game Advertisement Spots

Your casino logo or other promotional images can be incorporated to advertisement spots located within the game graphics. In-Game advertisement can be altered at any time upon request.

Back-End & Reporting

The management System is equipped with a powerful set of reports relating to financial settlements, marketing initiatives and sales figures. They can be used for everyday operations as well as vital trend analysis on games.

Product Application

Display device
Display server
Game server
Self Service
Play Goldrush
Solidity System
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