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Solidity System™ is designed to take up as little floorspace as possible, which makes it a perfect gaming solution for even the smallest betting shop. A typical installation would include just one Solidity CS and one Solidity CT. For slightly larger betting venues we would recommend installing a Solidity SST.
Installing a Solidity System™ into your bar or lounge area provides your customers with a relaxed and passive way of wagering while enjoying a drink or just chilling out in the bar. In these environments, the addition of a Solidity SST is preferred, to take bets while bar staff is busy serving food and beverages.
Solidity System™ in a casino sportsbook is the perfect addition to live sports betting. While your customers are waiting for a new football game to begin, the Solidity System™ provides your players with virtual horse and greyhound racing to increase your profits.
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